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CapOneSource Member Communities

In addition to the savings our portfolio of volume purchase contracts provides, CapOneSource members derive value from our communities of executives and subject matter experts.  These communities are formal groups of member professionals who meet to address current issues and situations affecting their industrial environment with the goal to create novel solutions only available to the group as a collective.

CapOneSource Member Communities Charter

Foster networking among peers within our member companies through in-person and web based forums to discuss:

  • Current/future technologies
  • Regional / business experiences
  • Organizational structures and strategies
  • Common issues and concerns

Facilitate the open exchange of non-competitive information between member companies in support of:

  • Investment and vendor decisions
  • Project management and implementation
  • Best practices sharing

Provide a structured, secured environment for sharing proprietary data:

  • 3 levels of NDAs
  • Meeting formatted to prevent anti-trust violations

Benchmarking Studies with industry subject matter experts:

  • IT structural and operational metrics  
  • Travel spend
  • Finance and insurance
  • Foreign trade